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Our Specialists

Consultant Paediatrician

DR.ANISHA PILLAY    MB Bch. BAO [Ireland] FRACP [Australia]

Dr.Pillay is an Irish trained medical graduate who furthered her Paediatric training at the Royal Children’s Hospital in 2005.

Two main areas of interest are

1.    Continence issues in kids (daytime wetting; night time wetting and constipation and soiling /encopresis)

2.    Developmental Paediatrics- Autism spectrum disorder; Aspergers syndrome; learning issues and schooling concerns. see a range of kids with developmental problems from young children with gross a/fine motor delay; speech and language delay; feeding issues and then autism spectrum disorder and its related diagnoses.

She works one day/week at RCH in the Department of General Medicine at the Continence Clinic where she has been for 9 years now.

In addition, she also works one day a week at Monash Medical Centre in the Children’s Cancer Centre as a General Paediatrician which she has done for 8 years. As well as seeing kids with current oncological problems for their ongoing therapy, she also sees new patients referred in for issues with ITP; neutropenia; and anaemia.

Having worked in this area for quite a while, Dr. Pillay has developed quite a good list of appropriate contacts in the areas of speech pathology and psychology if that is needed as well.

Good old fashioned general paediatric issues are still good to see as well including Asthma; Eczema; Infant feeding and growth issues and sleeping problems.