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About Us

Service that’s reliable

A value that is actioned holds more than a value that is spoken. Excellence in service is reflected in all aspects of the center with doctors & specialists practicing high quality medicine, nurses providing top quality of care including preventative and front desk staff being attentive and caring. You will see this from the time you make a phone call or step into the premises and to the point you have finished your consultation.

We wish you and your family years and years of good health and a great healthy spirit

Generous & Flexible

Being generous is a core value of the clinic and there is no compromise on this. In addition to helping you with your appointment time, we understand that life is not perfect and is full of ups and downs and circumstances maybe difficult and you may not have the finances to see the doctor sometimes. This is why we have a policy that keeps you and your needs in the centre and everything else around secondary. If you are in such a situation, please brief the staff on the need and our friendly staff will assist you to see the doctor and not have to pay out of pocket expenses.

Caring with Compassion

As your local doctors, we understand the need to be there when you need us, to listen when it requires, comfort when it hurts, treat when it’s the appropriate next step. Upwey Doctors is a family friendly, traditional GP with the most modern view to providing you the best health outcomes. This could be through services or referrals or directing you in the best possible way. This vision runs through the entire clinic staff, doctors, nurses & specialists and you will not find it any other way. A health need can be urgent and this is why we will endeavour to get you to see a doctor on the same day and if possible, your own doctor. You can be assured that you will get to see your doctors, when you need to and not when can. This is because you mean to us.